Milica Markovic - November 4th 2017

I absolutely enjoy shooting with Daniel. He is a detail-oriented, meticulous and extremely thoughtful creative both on and off set. He always has extraordinary ideas but makes sure to really think them through - even when put on the spot! Above all, he truly cares about his colleagues and loves to bring smiles to our faces, and it shows through very communicative and timely interactions. Please consider shooting with him - ESPECIALLY if you're a fashion/style blogger in need of clean photos for your Insta or website!

Henrique Ferreira - July 25th 2017

You are a example of professional man, thank you for that, if someday you want some model for some jobs, you can tell me about. Have a good day!

Caity Baily - July 19th 2017

Daniel is a true professional. He is excellent with communication, punctual and goes the extra mile to make sure his models and creative team are happy. I would definitely recommend him!

Chinchin Marie Vender - June 23rd 2017

I've shoot with Daniel Betts a couple times already. All shoots I had with him were fantastic and full of energy.. He is very spontaneous, outgoing, very organized and full of artistic ideas in mind. And he delivered the photos according to what was discussed. So make sure don't miss this awesome photographer here, get your bookings now and have fun shooting..

Edwin Santiago (Edwin Santiago Photography) - Sept. 10th 2016

These photos are awesome

[photos from ONE WALK To Conquer Cancer Toronto 2016]

Marc Bryce (Souvenir Photograph) - Aug. 14th 2016

I appreciate your speedy response and professional demeanor! Thanks much!!

Angela - July 29th 2016

I just got your email thank you! Will ponder over the amazingness now!

Rivi Kuper - Dec. 10th 2015

I was really impressed how comfortable you made me feel even when doing shots I had never done. Yay!!

Becca Willow Moss - Oct. 12th 2015

Thanks for a great shoot! Such a pleasure to work with someone whose talent is as great as his personality! You're the best! Can't wait to shoot again :)

Aditya - Sept. 22nd 2015

Thank you so much Dan! It was an absolute pleasure working with you & Meghan! Thank you for taking the time to instruct me and give me advice! And also for making me less awkward with all the jokes haha!

Edwin Santiago (Edwin Santiago Photography) - Sept. 12th 2015

All the pictures are beautiful - wow! You're amazing!!!! Thank you!!!! Wow!

Edwin Santiago (Edwin Santiago Photography) Sept. 8th 2015

It was very nice talking to you today. It is very refreshing to speak to someone who clearly knows what he is doing and is very professional. I am looking forward to working with you on this.

Sheefat Katz - July 28th 2015

Hi Dan! Had a lot of fun shooting with you today! You made me feel really comfortable at our shoot with your enthusiastic personality!

Anett Algacs - May 18th 2015

Thank you so much Dan for working with me! It was an absolute blast and your personality made the session awesome!

Stacy - Feb. 20th 2015

Hello Daniel,
I was looking through your website as I’m a big fan of photography and modeling and just wanted to say you have some really awesome talent!!
Best of luck with your business!

Nikki Procyk - Feb. 20th 2015

I always have a riot shooting with you, Danny! You're so fun to work with! I'm excited for our pictures and I will be a reference for you anytime! ~xoxo

Joyce W - Aug. 27th 2014

Hi Danny! Thanks for taking the time in working with me for our shoot! You have an enormous amount of energy and presence to your work and reflects the passion you have for this field. Thanks for your guidance and putting up with a beginning model like myself. Looking forward to see the results of our work! ~Joyce

Shameal D (PUSH Models) - May 27th 2014

Hey Danny thanks for the kind words it was great seeing and working with you again! Stay in touch and I hope we get together in the future :) Cheers!

Emily MW - Jan. 4th 2014

Thank you so much for a FANTASTIC shoot, Danny! You and Stephanie make a great team and I appreciate your time and input. I loved a number of photos in the collection and I can't wait to see the finished product. You guys are so much fun. :) ~Love, Wongballs

Dena R - May 16th 2011

Professional & consistent. You are talented & have a great personality. I especially liked it when you stuck your tongue out at me to make me giggle for the camera. Lots of love, ~Dee