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Custom Imaging: Why to say 'NO!' to stock images


Stock photographs are cheap, easy and common. Don't be tempted by the "cheap and easy" route, be authentic. Be unique. Visual images are a cornerstone in today's brand-marketing, yet we see respectable brands using average stock photos that undermine the credibility of their standards.


PHOTO of an attractive young dancer in downtown Toronto with her leg up on a tree beside her head, wearing a sheer top(c) 2017 Daniel A Betts



Nowadays, there's plenty of very good paid stock photo options available. In fact, some sites even sell exclusivity over the use of the images they're selling. They're pretty danged good and they may satisfy some branding needs, but while building your brand you likely aspired to present with a high level of authenticity. As such, stock photographs will not allow you to stay true to that goal. How can clients be expected to stand behind a company that won't even stand behind its own image?

Work With A Professional

Stock photos can be good for product shots, and some other generic office photos. You may even be able to take a nice clean pic yourself, but you may find that these images aren't as good as the ones made by a professional photographer using high-quality equipment. A pro will be far more help than just being a fella with lighting and lenses that exceed the quality of your smartphone. A pro can help with composition and visual storytelling.

YOU Are A Member Of YOUR Creative Team

As you begin this process, it's important to plan the visual story you want told. What do you want to say? What story would you like to speak to people about? This can be expressed effectively through visual storytelling.


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