Daniel A Betts | About

I was born and raised in a smaller Southern Ontario city until I moved out to Toronto on my own when I was 15. I started working when I was 11 years old, and I never stopped.

My photography began with an entry-level DSLR with a CCD sensor in 2010. I began by photographing a wealth of concerts, performances and events. I've done work as a News Photographer since 2012, and I've been creating portraits since I owned that first camera - which is where the 'portraiture' aesthetic in my work come from.

I'm photojournalist Daniel A Betts. I have a consistent and reliable ability to create images in settings that are pristine and controlled, in settings at mid-day, and in settings that are pitch-black while surrounded by a moving crowd - all while maintaining a high Image Integrity.


Client List: Mega City Painting; J Betts GC; The Torch Online Media; Edwin Santiago Photography; Xpressions Magazine; Souvenir Photograph; Divinity Roxx/iRoxx Entertainment; Designer Modious International Necktie/Generation Necktie; Motivated Models; MarathonFoto; The Definition Magazine; Devin Richardson Multimedia; NextDoorGrl.com; Jemma Valentine; CRUED; Designer Joy Couture Hu