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Selections of my 2500+ ONE WALK To Conquer Cancer 2016 (Toronto) photographic coverage for Edwin Santiago Photography; a Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation Cancer Research Fundraiser
Walkers Passing Princess Margaret HospitalMixed WalkersTeam Roma's RosesTeam Purple HeartsDebra Birnbaum, of Team Purple HeartsTeam The MusesTeam Domenic's AngelsTeam Katie Kicks CancerMixed WalkersTeam Walking For OpaDB2_0124 CnxD Supporter Signing Wall (FOR WEB)Supporter Signing Wall of Loving MessagesYoung Supporter Signing Wall of Loving MessagesStrong Supporter Signing WallYoung Guests After Signing Wall with Loving MessageSupporter Signing Wall of Loving MessagesSupporter Signing Wall of Loving MessagesWalker With Long-Time Supporter in HatDaniel A Betts (DBIphotography Toronto) Signed Wall of Loving MessagesDoctors of Princess Margaret Hospital @ ONE WALK To Conquer All Cancers Toronto 2016