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Daniel A Betts' Portraiture & Erotic Nude Art
Attractive black man spy with handcuffs still attached to briefcase outdoors.Fair-skinned 18-year-old girl with long red hair in bun, Beauty HeadshotStunning tall blonde with large breasts wearing a 2-piece swimsuit in my studioAttractive young librarian looks into the mirror and sees her inner-self, a pretty & vibrant young woman in a loud pink dress and a full party-girl makeup application with her long blonde hair back-coA true "Starving Artist", a young female musician holding her guitar with a sign on the street-side that pleads for help & supportPetite young Asian female dancer in 1-piece doing high jump in urban settingsAttractive Caucasian girl outdoors wearing swimsuit, night portrait downtown near trees with building in distance behind herAttractive young Asian woman in jeanshorts and small teal-green sports-bra posing on small wooden plan over water at midnight