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The Torch Exclusive Story: Cops Used To Corner Pot-Sales Market

March 21, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The Torch Exclusive: Government Uses Toronto Police To Corner Marijuana Resale Industry



FOREWORD: No marijuana was consumed by The Torch Online News Media staff prior to or at the time of this article being composed and published.


Canadian PM Justine Trudeau, an admitted marijuana addictDBI_6888 C1Canadian PM Justine Trudeau, an admitted marijuana addict

Mainstream media headlines in 2016 and 2017 reported a rise in marijuana dispensaries being "raided" by Metropolitan Police Services, particularly in Toronto. Initially, media had painted dispensary owners and administrators as being anti-social by inferring that they promoted criminal activity by not reporting occasions when they had been robbed. When this didn't render their desired outcome and with members of the public even citing how marijuana was en route to being legalized in Canada and how workers were stabbed and more, our Ontario government appears to have revised their position to 'if we can't "beat 'em" then we'd like to not merely "join 'em" but openly replace 'em'.

It's an aged business approach, since it's 100% guaranteed to succeed. If three lemonade stands service the same area, competition and fair pricing stand to protect the consumer. If the long arm of the law is used to portray two of the vendors as villains - jailing them and crushing both legally and financially - the sole remaining lemonade stand will dominate their local market and control it outright. This is not simple Supply vs Demand, this tactic is outright "monopolization".

On Friday March 17th 2017, On behalf of Federal Health Minister Dr. Jane Philpott Press Secretary Andrew MacKendrick responded to a request made by Daniel A Betts of The Torch Online Newspaper with a phone call with a call that began a game of phone-tag which failed to conclude with a conversation or statement. Health Minister Philpott was last spotted being chauffeured in a taxpayer-funded limousine.

Toronto Police Services would not confirm information The Torch received indicating that Toronto Police Services were directed to "escalate [their] efforts to put [privately-owned] marijuana dispensaries out of business", which resulted in the ensuing headlines telling of Marc and Jodie Emery being arrested for running their business. Should the government legalize marijuana, there would be far more customers seeking to purchase marijuana for recreational use as well as self-medicating use. With the Emery's Cannabis Culture shops and similar businesses closed by policing authorities prior to marijuana being declared legal for recreational/non-prescribed use and resale, even a simpleton can see that Canadian tax dollars are being used to secure control over the marijuana market in Canada. Is the Canadian government is eliminating their competition before their competition becomes their competition?


Daniel A Betts

Investigative Reporter

The Torch Online News Media


All Photos and article by Daniel A Betts



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