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Morally Liberal vs Politically "Liberal"

March 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford dodging media at Toronto City Hall, November 2013Toronto Mayor Rob Ford dodging media at Toronto City Hall, November 2013Photo: (c) 2013 Daniel A Betts; ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


With each passing day, it appears that the latter uses the guise of being the former to advance itself both politically and financially. The method these social justice warriors use to execute the change(s) they desire is more widely known as Political Correctness. Everywhere one looks in North America in this day and age - particulartly in Canada - Freethink is beyond discouragement, and people are taking to a variety of actions to stifle it. If the term "freethink" isn't familiar to you, pick up a copy of George Orwell's '1984' and read it. Before it and books similar to it are banned in our country entirely. If you're familiar with the term yet you find this use of it bizarre, then you were likely one of the people who voted The Hair (the failed ski instructor) into leading our fine country.

Our fine country of Canada. Co-inventor of the iMax Movie System, 1968. Inventor of the world's first Trackball - made popular by Canadian cellular company Research In Motion in their BlackBerry devices - first built for the DATAR computer (Ferranti Canada, 1949). First to develop Canola, 1970. Home of the McIntosh Red apple, 1811. An early form of peanut butter was patented by Canadian Marcellus Gilmore Edison in 1884. Baby Pabulum was invented by Canadian doctors Frederick Tisdall, Theodore Drake and Alan Brown in 1930. The walkie-talkie, 1942. The system of Standard Time was introduced by Sir Sandford Fleming in 1878. The snowblower, 1927. The gas-mask, 1915. Basketball, 1891. Ice Hockey, 1800's. (exact date disputed) Insulin, 1922. The garbage bag, 1950. The cardiac pacemaker...the alkaline battery...the caulking gun...the electric oven...the paint roller was invented in Canada, even. This is the Canada that Baby Boomers know and loved, and most Generation X'ers are acutely familiar with.  But they're missing this version of Canada more with each passing week, as so-called "Liberals" institute change after change that stifle Canadians' ability to produce the hard-working and forward-thinking people that formed this country and made it a world superpower that advanced the world in a broad variety of ways.

Under the guise of political correctness, the basic human rights of men, women and children in Canada are being trampled frequently. But seldom to these events become widely-known, as  mainstream media tends to avoid reporting news that isn't deemed "politically correct". Every person - especially those in a first-world country - should be allowed their basic human right to form their own choices in life. Steering people into make specific choices by rendering them misinformed and/or ill-informed is a tactic used in institutions that house convicted felons to maintain complete control over them. Like sheep.

Hello, fellow-Canadians. Baa-aa-aaaaaa..............


All Photos and article by Daniel A Betts



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