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Inclusiveness, Or Divisiveness?

February 18, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

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Inclusiveness, Or Divisiveness?



This is the message Pride organizers and the black Chief of Police in Toronto Mark Saunders have sent us: "Calling all criminals! Calling all criminals! Calling all homophobic racist scum of Toronto and beyond! Black Lives Matter frontwoman Yusra Khogali et al has finally pulled enough stunts such as ranting and raving publicly calling our Prime Minister a racist white supremist, and Black Lives Matter [BLM] has bullied Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transsexual [LGBT] Pride organizers into disincluding the Metropolitan Toronto Police Services [TPS] from the month-long LGBT Pride festivities this year which ends in one of the largest-attendance parades Canada sees each year. C'mon down folks, rape and pillage at free will!" The rest of our law-abiding morally-concerned readers should consider battening down the hatches and going into hibernation during the month of June.

Albeit a satirical and exaggerated observation of the black TPS Chief Saunders' recent announcement, this move of BLM and Toronto Top Cop Saunders sends a very disconcerting message to anyone paying attention who has even one iota of foresight. The Chief of Toronto Police and Pride organizers have allowed a young woman filled with teen angst who publicly discriminates against every white person alive - including our Prime Minister - badger them into fulfilling the will of those misguided souls in Toronto filled with vinegar and piss who are hungry for an outlet that will satisfy their need to rant and rave until they reach some form of climax.

Chief Saunders had a choice in the matter. Assuming he wasn't complicit in this move BLM instigated. If this fact went over your head and under your feet Chief, have a read and take a moment or three to consider the following. Toronto's LGBT Pride organizers may not have given TPS acceptance; Indeed, they may have been the first in Ontario to tuck their tail between their legs and publicly refrain from accepting the presence of TPS at Toronto's Pride festivities in 2017. Presentation is paramount when dealing with large groups of people, which in this case is a large international group of people. Thousands of visitors from America and other countries come to Toronto each summer to partake in their Pride festivities. Pride Toronto knows this well it appears, considering the extent to which they've commercialized LGBT Pride, with its month-long shopping spree/"celebration of inclusiveness". Perhaps Chief Saunders could've publicly announced how BLM has formally and strongly requested TPS not participate or attend LGBT Pride 2017 and onwards, and the position of Chief Saunders was to respect the preference of the LGBT Pride organizers on whether or not TPS presence was accepted or not. That would've placed Pride Toronto in the position of accepting TPS and including them and not heeding to the demands of a young woman who repeatedly states her belief publicly, that "all whites are defects who the world would be better without", or to publicly back what appears to be a gang of hostile, discriminating hoodlums while announcing what was written in the first paragraph of this article. Just because the Top Cop of the largest city in Canada is following the actions of the Halifax Police and not participating in this year's Pride celebrations, that doesn't indicate other policing forces would also publicly cave to the demands of BLM. But did Chief Saunders cave? Or is he a willing participant in this change to the annual LGBT Pride festivities in Toronto?


All Photos and article by Daniel A Betts




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