I'm a freelance photojournalist and an investigative reporter with The Torch Online Media working out of East York and Northwest Toronto, who fills his time otherwise with Corporate Event Photography and  Environmental Portrait projects. My clients are typically photographers and media production companies who run large projects requiring seasoned photographers to work independently for extended periods of time in conditions that aren't always favorable yet still produce appealing results for them and their clients. I've been a member of the News Photographers Association of Canada and Nikon Professional Services for most of my 8 years working as a photographer. My workflow is geared to render photographs intended primarily for printed media.

Client List: MarathonFoto; Souvenir Photograph; Modious Polymer Necktie International (Generation Necktie); Actionpix (Ontario Gymnastics); Osgoode Hall Law Students; Edwin Santiago Photography (Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, Pro-Am For Alzheimer's, Rexall Drugs, Enbridge Gas); Sara Simms; Devin Richardson Multimedia; NextDoorGrl.com; The Definition Magazine; Jemma Valentine; Xpressions Magazine; Joy Couture Dresses

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