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DBIphotography Toronto is a small select-assignment photography outfit that's based in Toronto's downtown core. Our 1100 square foot mixed-lighting studio is at 90 Ontario Street (by appt. only), a short distance from our office which is right below the Yorkville Shopping District at 1055 Bay Street (also by appt. only). We feature Environmental Portraiture & Event Photographer Daniel A Betts. As I hope you can see by the small body of work shown on our website, we work quite well in settings other than the comfort of our studio. In fact, our focus is simply creating "Portraits of People" from every walk in life - such as creating Portraits of You (yes, You!), to Dancers, to Corporate businessmen & women, to Musicians.....whether in our large studio or at the rented/owned venue of their preference, we aspire to photograph and show people in the flattering light they desire and deserve to be shown in.

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